Airline fires pilot for forcing flight attendant to sit with him in cockpit


NEW DELHI, India – The SpiceJet airline has sacked one of his pilots for allegedly asking the chief flight attendant of the flight to sit with him in the cockpit of a Boeing 737 flight.

The incident took place onboard Kolkata-Bangkok flight on February 28. The pilot allegedly repeated his action on the return flight as well.

Media reports say that the pilot, a Commander, also sent his co-pilot out of the cockpit and locked himself inside with the flight attendant.

In her complaint, with the airlines, the flight attendant also alleged that the pilot also used “inappropriate language” with her.

The airline has initiated an inquiry and informed the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for further action.

According to a report in the Times of India, the pilot may also lose his license. The DGCA chief M Sathiyavathy is personally looking into this case and if allegations proven then he is might not be able to fly again in future.