Los Angeles intensifies efforts to boost India tourist arrivals


INDIA (eTN) – Los Angeles, that exotic and popular destination in the United States, is intensifying its efforts to boost arrivals from India, which stood at about 99,000 in 2015, making it the 11th in arrival numbers and 7th in revenue terms.

To fine tune the efforts, Ernest Wooden, President and CEO of the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board, said in New Delhi, India, on April 22 that among the target areas was meetings and incentives, for which LA had many possibilities.

Giving reasons for the focus on India, he said that the stay was longer, about 6 days, against 2 or 3 of other countries.

New attractions, such as many museums, Hollywood, shopping, night life, culinary offerings, and the large plush airport, were good reasons to believe that more Indians will come to LA, which attracted about 45 million tourists in 2015.

Wooden was on his first visit to India, and he said his experience earlier with hotels was helping him in his present job. In India, Sartha, led by Sheema Vohra, is promoting LA.

Increased awareness through educating agents and collaborating with neighboring attractions, like Las Vegas, were some ways to increase arrivals from India, which has also seen an increase in air connectivity.

LA is looking forward to more flights from India, just as SF has recently added an Air India

Sheema Vohra said that leisure travel will also get more attention, as would convention business.

Wooden is being accompanied by Kathryn Smits, Vice President of International Tourism, on the trip.