Market in Temuco, Chile in flames


The city of Temuco lies 670 km south of Santiago and has a population of approximately 300,000. The name in the Mapuche language (Mapudungun) means “water of the Temu.” Temu is a medicinal plant used by the natives.

The market is also frequented by tourists and is now in flames.

It is reported that 2 firefighters have been injured and more than 400 firefighters are working on the raging fire at the market.

Temuco is a central point of departure for a number of tourist circuits. Its modern infrastructure, with contemporary architecture and commercial centers, makes it the most important city of the central southern area of the country.

Its attractions include the Cerro Ñielol, a place of great historic importance with interesting flora and fauna. Visit the railway museum in the old engine shed, which contains steam locomotives (from 1907 to 1953) and eight passenger coaches, all well preserved.

The heart of the city center is the green, leafy Plaza Aníbal Pinto, where there is a handicrafts fair in February. You can also go to the Mercado Municipal, an attractive place with a wide selection of Mapuche handicrafts, as well as restaurants serving typical Chilean food.