Aldabra 3D film to make world premiere at Seychelles Carnival

Aldabra is a UNESCO World Heritage site and famed as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean with its huge 150,000-strong population of giant land tortoises as well as a grand variety of crabs, rare flightless birds, sea cows, black-tipped sharks, sea turtles, and manta rays, many of whom are now destined to become Hollywood stars.

Seychelles is planning for the launch of the much-talked-about, new 3D film of Aldabra titled “Aldabra – once upon an island” by Starlight Pictures. Directed by Steve Lichtag and produced by Peter Keller, this impressive family film made in breathtakingly-clear 3D, offers an amazing apercu of the creatures which inhabit the atoll as it plots their lives, antics, and struggle for survival.

The 73-minute film which showcases the talents of US writers involved in the making of such prestigious offerings as Lion King and Finding Nemo, has been crafted from some 30 hours of raw footage and with a production crew of some 40 people.

The film is expected to screen during the press conference for Carnaval International de Victoria on April 22-24 and will then move on to France, the UK, Russia, China, Korea, and Japan to enthrall audiences with the sights and sounds of this last sanctuary of untouched nature.

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