Oman’s Ministry of Tourism sponsors tourism awareness event in Al Wusta Governorate


HAIMA, Oman – ‘How to raise awareness regarding tourism’ was the subject of a lecture recently sponsored by the Tourism Directorate in Al Wusta Governorate, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism.

The lecture was part of the programs the Ministry sponsors regularly, to build a partnership with community members. Held at Qalaat Al Alaam School in Wilayat Mahoot, the session was conducted by Azad bin Amer Tamman Al Omari, Director of Tourism in Al Wusta Governorate.

The lecture reviewed various aspects of tourism awareness and how to establish a partnership between the government and the community, which included explaining the definition of tourism, its importance in the economy, the major role it plays culturally and socially, and the impact tourism has on public facilities and services.

In order to help understand this mechanism, students were briefed about the many tourist attractions in Oman and explained ways in which they can raise awareness among other community members to maintain these attractions. The purpose of the lecture was to help students benefit from tourism and transform tourist attractions into a sustainable source of income for local communities. The lecture also drew the attention of students on the importance of keeping tourist sites and facilities clean.

“The Ministry of Tourism has established many programs and activities to raise awareness among community members regarding tourism across various Governorates. The focus is on all groups, such as students, craftsmen, investors and others. We are currently working on conducting specialised lectures for specific target audiences to involve more community members, as well as to deliver quality materials,” said Azad bin Amer Tamman Al Omari, Director of Tourism in Al Wusta Governorate.