US Travel welcomes Department of Transportation ruling on Norwegian Air


WASHINGTON, DC — US Travel Association Executive Vice President for Public Affairs Jonathan Grella issued the following statement on the US Department of Transportation’s decision to tentatively grant Norwegian Air’s Irish subsidiary the right to fly into the United States:

“The decision to tentatively allow Norwegian Air International flying rights to the U.S. is a welcome development in an aviation landscape that often appears increasingly anti-competitive and closed-off. U.S. Travel has previously called upon the Administration to fully approve Norwegian Air International’s foreign air carrier permit application. Finalizing this decision would be a pro-competition, pro-growth and pro-traveler move that will benefit flyers, workers and the U.S. economy.

“International travel is our country’s second-largest services export, and the travel industry has consistently outperformed the rest of the economy in job creation during the post-recession recovery. Almost every corner of the U.S. economy benefits greatly when travel thrives. In a competitive global marketplace, it is smart of our government to recognize the need to accommodate more inbound flights from key international markets, such as the new service this decision will create.

“Additionally, the introduction of a new trans-Atlantic carrier will spur even more additive competition, resulting in better prices and more choices for travelers. We welcome this move as a step in the right direction, and call on the U.S. government to swiftly finalize this decision.”