Air Travelers Association endorses Barack Obama for president


David Stempler, president of the Air Travelers Association, today announced that he and the Association are endorsing Barack Obama for President. The Air Travelers Association (, founded in 1997, advocates for airline passengers on airline safety, security, savings, and service. David Stempler, President of the Air Travelers Association, is often called the “Voice of Passengers” and is an internationally known authority on airline passenger and air travel issues. David Stempler was recently selected by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation to be the airline passenger/consumer representative on the New York Aviation Rulemaking Committee to reduce aviation congestion and delay in the New York metropolitan area.

According to Stempler, “The best hope for airline passengers to solve the current aviation crisis involving congestion, delay, and dangerous safety, near-collision problems is to quickly get in place a new, GPS-based, next generation, air traffic control system, called ‘NextGen’. We believe that Barack Obama is the best candidate for President, and as a forward-thinking President, will get NextGen passed in Congress, and then quickly implemented and deployed throughout the United States. We give our complete trust and support to Senator Barack Obama who can use his charisma, inspiration, and can-do attitude to solve many of the problems facing this country, including those involving our aviation system.”

Stempler continued, “Every individual, business, company, and corporation, uses airline travel to get around this country and internationally. The troubles of our overburdened aviation system are widespread and affect every person, every package shipper and recipient, and every industry in this country.

Stempler concluded that, “We believe that Senator Barack Obama is the best Presidential candidate to solve our critical aviation problems and to move our airline/aviation system into the 21st century. We can have GPS navigation systems in any car or truck that we want. There is no reason why we can’t have GPS units in every airliner that we fly on. We believe that Barack Obama will enable us to have safety-based, GPS systems for airliners, sooner than any other candidate for President, and that is why we are endorsing Barack Obama for President.”