Speeding travelers through processing: Arrivals in Nairobi

Travelers flying to Nairobi on some airlines are using a converted parking garage that was turned into an arrival facility with immigration and customs as well as baggage delivery, after the devastating fire in August 2013 that destroyed the main arrival hall.

This long-lasting temporary measure, however, is soon coming to an end when the brand new Terminal 1E will open, and the present facility will revert back to a parking garage.

Yesterday, the Kenya Airport Authority ran final tests when flights from Johannesburg and Dubai were processed at the new terminal. Eighteen immigration counters should ensure speedy processing and 5 baggage carousels ensure that bags get to their owners with a minimum of delay. Six customs checkpoints will also help to have travelers get out of the airside section faster than before, improving the overall experience of passengers arriving in Nairobi.

This will provide a major boost to the destination, as arrival numbers have progressively risen over the past few months, and more and more tourists are returning to Kenya following sustained marketing campaigns run by the Kenya Tourism Board and the private sector.