Intelligence: ISIS terrorists want to extend war on tourism to Germany


The travel and tourism industry is on edge already. At the recently-concluded WTTC Summit in Dallas, Marriott chief Bill Marriott said the biggest threat to global tourism is terror.

Recently Europe and the European travel and tourism infrastructure had been a preferred target for Terror Attacks by Islamic fanatics.

Germany’s national daily paper “Die Welt” made headlines today reporting the security situation is very serious. The German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Hans-Georg Maassen, made chilling statements in an interview with the paper.

According to Mr. Maassen, the terror organization Islamic State [IS, previously ISIS/ISIL] may be actively planning to carry out attacks on Germany and German interests. In IS propaganda German cities are placed next to Paris, London and Brussels – all previous targets of large terror attacks. Islamic State are recruiting supporters from among newly-arrived migrants amid the radicalization of local Arabic-speaking communities.

According to German intelligence experts airports and railway stations, as well as large-scale public events such as open air festivals, were the most likely targets for potential attacks.

Earlier on Sunday, local German media cited security service estimates that up to 800 Germans had traveled to Syria in order to fight alongside IS, with about 150 of them having returned back in 2015.

German intelligence estimates nearly 1,100 individuals with “Islamist and terrorist” views have been joined by 8,650 Salafists, and these numbers are growing “practically every day.

Although the threat posed by jihadists is severe, Germany has not seen any large-scale terror attacks so far due to the successful work of its security services.