PATA CEO urges dispersal of tourists at India seminar


INDIA (eTN) – Mario Hardy, CEO of PATA, has made a strong plea for countries around the word to disperse tourists, which will be good for destinations and visitors as well.

Hardy told a PATA India seminar in New Delhi on April 5 that managing tourist assets was very important, as dispersal would also help sustainability.

Giving examples from his vast experience, the mild-speaking, witty and articulate Hardy said that while Thailand can cope with up to 49 million tourists, Bangkok as such cannot. Hence there is the need to spread the visitors around.

While Ankor Vat in Cambodia is crowded, temples nearby await visitors, he pointed out. Similarly, in Korea people go to Seoul, but to very many other attractions.

The China factor was also important, and those who want tourists must gear up in order to handle
their needs for food, safety, and language. Hardy said partnerships are key for growth, as several agencies are involved in the handling of tourists and tourism.

The seminar was attended by a galaxy of industry and government leaders, including Inder Sharma and M. P. Bezbarauh.

At the event, industry veteran, John Koldowski, an old PATA hand, spoke about how data can be used in an interesting and useful manner.