Wynn Resorts issues statement in response to Elaine Wynn’s news release


LAS VEGAS, NV – Wynn Resorts today issued the following statement in response to a news release by Elaine Wynn:

Elaine Wynn continues to rehash the same accusations she has made, accusations which will be fully adjudicated when heard by the court early next year. Neither her nor the company’s recent filings contain any new facts or revelations, as she so passionately claims. Ms. Wynn’s comments regarding our Board of Directors, their independence and their actions in this matter are false. Our company has nine distinguished directors, seven of whom are independent under NASDAQ standards, each deeply committed to the best interests of our shareholders.

Ms. Wynn’s allegations about Mr. Schorr’s departure from the company are not true. Her previous allegations that Mr. Wynn applied company resources for personal use are false; Mr. Wynn’s use of company assets is fully audited by both the Board and our external auditors, as well as completely outlined in our proxy statements.