QF9 : Official Statement by Qantas Airways


Qantas Airways issued this statement after an incident with QF 9 this morning on route from Melbourne to Dubai.

This statement reads: Qantas flight QF 9 departed Sydney at 9.24am this morning for Dubai. We’d like to thank our customers for their patience. We will always prioritise safety over schedule.

The aircraft was approximately three hours into its flight from Melbourne to Dubai last night when the captain chose to return the aircraft to Sydney because of an engineering issue and the availability of another aircraft in Sydney.

One of the engines had a slight vibration issue which was monitored by the crew and also our operations team in Sydney.

The aircraft landed safely and without incident at 6.45am this morning.
The 410 customers were re-accomodated onto another A380 aircraft which took off from Sydney at 9.24am.