QF9: Was Qantas A380 in serious trouble over Sydney?


UPDATE: According to latest tweets received, Qantas QF9 is descending and on a final approach to Sydney.

QF9 is approaching R34L … near waypoint SIZZL … descending normally through 2900 ft.

QF9 is requesting the full length of R34L in Sydney.

QF9 is cleared to land on runway 34L. Vehicles are in place to follow the aircraft.

The Qantas A380 just landed in Sydney and is followed by airport rescue and firefighting vehicles.

QF9 is safe. The aircraft used almost the full length Sydney runway. Fire brigade is behind, but the airliner came to a stop. Unconfirmed information is about unspecific engine problems.

QF 9 is at the gate and passengers are leaving the plane.

Here is what happened so far:

Qantas Airlines flight QF9 departed Melbourne, Australia right before midnight last night on its 13 hour non-stop flight to Dubai, UAE.

Over Eastern Australia, an Airbus 380 returned to the Australian east coast and has been in a holding pattern in 21,000 feet over Sydney for more than 6 hours.