Mancham keynote speaker at African leadership forum in Nairobi


VICTORIA, Seychelles – Seychelles’ founding President Sir James R Mancham has agreed to deliver a keynote address at the launching on April 12 in Nairobi, Kenya of the Joint Leadership Program between Common Purpose and World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid “African Venture – a program for emerging leaders”.

The objective of the program is to create a new generation of African leaders equipped to lead at both the local and global level as well as to establish a network of leaders who could work together across countries and continents.

Sir James’ address will focus on the importance of leadership in Africa.

Common Purpose is an independent international not for profit organisation dedicated to leadership development. It has an established track record of working with leaders from all sectors, backgrounds and generations. Its works spans countries as diverse as Germany, the UK, Hungary, Turkey, India, China, South Africa and Brazil, and includes countries at different stages of development – from well established democracies to countries in transition such as Zimbabwe and Libya.

The World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid is the world’s largest assembly of independent political leaders representing over 100 democratic former presidents and prime ministers from more than 60 countries who act globally by voluntarily bringing their unparalleled political insights, experience and unswerving commitment to democracy to support current leaders as they address the challenges of today and tomorrow. Sir James was elected a member of Le Club de Madrid some three years ago.

This important historic conference will take place at the famous Sarova New Stanley Hotel in central Nairobi. The Sarova Stanley launched itself into Kenyan history in 1902 by becoming the first luxury hotel in Nairobi and over the years hosted prominent world leaders, renowned authors and international celebrities.

According to the organisers, the idea behind the initiative is to create and promote a leadership programme to transfer knowledge, know-how and inspiration across the generations involving some of the most inspiring leaders in the world today. Through focus, personal privilege and generous interaction between the rising generation of leaders and former heads of state from the World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid, the programme is intended to develop emerging leaders from countries – big and small, developed and developing, struggling and striving, established and in transition – across the world.

In a statement yesterday morning Sir James, who will depart for Nairobi next Sunday April 10, said Seychelles and himself should be proud that he has been invited to play a leading role in this vitally important initiative at this critical time of world history.