San Diego plane crash: 1 dead, 5 injured


A single-engine two-seater Lancair IV aircraft crash landed into a vehicle in San Diego, California, this morning, killed one and injuring 5. The crash occurred on the Interstate 15 North freeway.

Aaron Meccann had pulled his car over to sync his Bluetooth when the small plane crashed and slid 250 feet into the rear end of his Nissn vehicle. According to reports, there was no landing gear deployed on the plane, and it may have been dealing with mechanical problems.

A 38-year-old woman in the back passenger seat of the car was crushed to death. The driver and 2 other passengers in the car were taken to local hospitals, as was the 60-year-old pilot of the plane.

One person was crushed to death and five are injured after a small plane crashed into a car on a San Diego freeway, officials confirmed to NBC 7 San Diego.

A clean-up crew is working on removal of fuel that leaked from either or both the car and plane.