Gold Coast Tourism reveals April Fools’ prank


A storm was brewing this morning as Gold Coast Tourism played an April Fools’ joke on Kiwi travelers who are well known for bringing the bad weather with them. A new set of rules was released which aimed to stop Kiwis from raining all over the popular hot holiday destination of the Gold Coast.

The faux rules targeted passengers carrying cold weather clothing and items that carried any traces of precipitation including:

Pessimistic clothing or footwear, including sweatshirts, jackets, hoodies, beanies, scarves or boots

Items carrying traces of precipitation

Items exposed to rain, fog, snow, hail or storms in the last 10 days

Umbrellas, rain jackets, ponchos or gumboots

Thermal or woolen clothing including merino and polypropylene

Hot water bottles or wheat bags

Enforced by the fictional Gold Coast Weather Protection Unit (GCWPU), the announcement introduced a new mini-series of online video content, starring Senior Constable Steve (played by Heath Franklin) and partner Kirsty Reign (played by Cienda McNamara). The GCWPU is tasked with one thing above all others: protecting the Gold Coast area from a potential Kiwi weather invasion.

The series follows the GCWPU as it takes the safety of Gold Coast’s weather to heart, whether that’s by tackling passengers attempting to smuggle contraband encased in fruit or by keeping a watchful eye out for those wearing extra layers on the beach.

Michelle Stone, Director of Communications at Gold Coast Tourism, said: “With 300 days of sunshine here and more than 185,000 Kiwis flocking to our city every year, the Gold Coast is a firm favourite as New Zealand’s number one holiday destination. As the weather takes a cold turn over there, it was an ideal time to make some noise.”

“April Fools’ Day gave us the perfect excuse to have a bit of fun launching the Gold Coast Weather Protection Unit series. Now that everyone is in on the joke, we look forward to welcoming Kiwis with our glorious weather.”

Filmed over the course of three days in the Gold Coast airport and surrounding area, a number of unsuspecting airport passengers were – at the time – unknowingly involved in the prank.