Zimbabwe banks on more tourists from South Africa

The long Easter weekend provided the perfect platform for an airline to launch flights between Victoria Falls and Johannesburg.

Good Friday Fast Jetsaw the first two services operate between the two airports and on Easter Sunday again both flights took off on time with reportedly high loadfactors.

Fastjet has been operating flights between Harare and Victoria Falls for some time now and this extension of their route network into Southern Africa is bound to bring them plenty of additional passengers.

The Zimbabwean government had over the past two years invested over 150 million US Dollars on the modernization and expansion of the airport, where wide body aircraft can now land and take off with full loads.
The one and a half hour flight between Victoria Falls, one of the most iconic names in Africa, and Johannesburg offers South Africans the option to see the magnificent falls of the Zambezi River on a weekend trip or else spend a few more days midweek and explore some of the nearby national parks.

It is understood from usually reliable sources that Fastjet Zimbabwe is in the final stage of preparation for additional destinations being launched from Harare into Southern Africa.