New record set in rhino breeding

Ugandan conservation circles will be celebrating when news reaches them that baby rhino number 11 has been born at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary of the Rhino Fund Uganda earlier today.

Angie Genade, Executive Director of the RFU and of the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, confirmed the birth, pictures included, a few minutes ago.

With only three breeding-age females, 11 births in just seven years are remarkable achievements, to a large extend attributed to the conducive breeding conditions of the sanctuary.

The rate of reproduction appears to be much faster than on comparable conservancies in the region or elsewhere with just over two-year intervals between births.

The initial four adult rhinos, two males and two females, were initially imported from the Solio Game Reserve in the central Kenyan highlands near Mweiga, and the two additional rhinos then donated by Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida.

The Rhino Fund had earlier on imported additional rhinos, when the sanctuary was not yet ready. These two animals were kept at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre where, sadly, politics have let the female’s reproductive capacity go to waste to the lasting upset of the donors who paid for the two animals.

While this shames those in charge at UWEC, Ziwa has gained additional popularity as success breeds success, leaving UWEC in Entebbe trailing in public opinion.