Visitors center at U.S. Capitol: Locked down, shots fired, shooter in custody


UPDATE:Reports say that a shooter has been “contained” but visitors and workers at the Capitol and the White House are being told to remain sheltered. D.C. police say the incident is isolated and there is no threat to the public. A witness tweeted: A male suspect shot and in custody,female civilian bystander injured after gunshots at US Capitol Washington DC .

Earlier ambulances were seen racing to the U.S. Capitol visitors entrance. There are reports of gunshots at US Capitol Visitor Center, police say; people nearby told to shelter in place.

Officials confirmed the U.S. Capitol is on lockdown due to potential security threat. Reports also say the White House is on lock down as well.

Not a religious man, but please God, if you’re really up there, let the Capitol be destroyed.
This is a tweet seen by eTN:

Another tweet says: “Thoughts are with Capitol Police officer who was shot. My wife was hiding behind a marble pillar.”

A officials stated: One officer sustains minor injuries after shooting at US Capitol. The shooter is in custody.

eTN will update as soon as information become available.