ITB Berlin: 260 photos taken by eTN Ambassador Burkhard Herbote


Did you attend ITB Berlin this year, the largest travel and tourism exhibition on the globe?

If you did chances are you’ll find your photo and your favorite stand when scrolling down in this article.

eTN Ambassador Burkhard Herbote has been known to explore ITB every year. As the editor in chief of Burkhard is a celebrity and trademark in the international world of travel and tourism information. He is often commissioned as a resource for major associations, tourism-boards and players in the global travel and tourism industry – and he is truly the best in the business.

This time in Berlin Burkhard did not only collect contacts but took pictures- a lot of them!

He says: “At ITB I photographed the booth of most countries. However, some countries covered an entire exhibition hall, or their stand was too large to just take one or two pictures. Such large stands included the United States,Scandinavia, Austria, India, Iran, Poland, Italy, Spain, Turkey, China, Australia / New Zealand, Germany and Belgium / Netherlands / Luxembourg, Slovakia, Czech Republic.

Other countries did not participate this year because of political issues. They include Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen.
Surprisingly the Vatican and Liechtenstein were present the first time. I have made many pictures after 6pm when some of the stands already closed. Enjoy a quick round the world trip….