Brussels Airlines pulling out all stops to get passengers home

The management of Zaventem, Brussels’ international airport, at this moment in time still hopes to resume operations on Monday but passengers are now able, under strict safety precautions, to pick up their cars again. The airport has also begun to release baggage of passengers who arrived while the attack was taking place and who were then immediately evacuated from the airport without their baggage.

Both Brussels Airlines and Brussels Airport, under the most difficult of circumstances, are making a Herculean effort to deal with questions posed to the airport and keep passengers informed about flights across Europe and their intercontinental services to Africa and North America.

Brussels Airlines has just confirmed that they will operate another flight to both Entebbe and Kigali tomorrow, Saturday, originating and terminating this time in Frankfurt.

Flight SN1469 will leave Frankfurt at 1100 hours local time on Saturday, March 26, due to land in Entebbe at 2110 hours local time. The service will then continue at 2215 hours to Kigali, due to land at 2210 hours local time before returning at 2330 hours local time to Frankfurt with an ETA of 0805 hours.

From Frankfurt, all passengers due to fly transatlantic or to other long-haul destinations will be rebooked to their respective destinations while those with a final destination of Belgium will be flown from Frankfurt to Liege (IATA three letter code LGG).

Passengers destined to fly to Entebbe or Kigali will equally be brought to Frankfurt from Liege while those connecting from long-haul flights to East Africa will be re-routed to Frankfurt to catch their Brussels Airlines flight.

It is recommended to stay abreast of developments by following Brussels Airport on Twitter via @BrusselsAirport and do the same with Brussels Airlines via @FlyingBrussels as both use Twitter to provide passengers with updates and important information about operational changes.