US citizen international outbound travel up eight percent in 2015


US travel to overseas markets totaled 32.8 million, up seven percent for the year. Regional results were:

• Europe, 12.6 million travelers, up six percent
• Caribbean, 7.6 million travelers, up seven percent
• Asia, 4.8 million travelers, up seven percent
• Central America, 2.8 million travelers, up four percent
• Middle East, 2.0 million travelers, up 15 percent
• South America, 1.9 million travelers, up six percent
• Oceania, 643,000 travelers, up seven percent
• Africa, 351,000 travelers, down two percent

US travel to North American markets totaled 40.7 million, up nine percent compared to 2014.

• Mexico, a record 28.2 million US travelers, up nine percent. Tourist (longer haul of 14.6 million) travel was the strong suit in 2015, up 15 percent. Border 1+ night travel (13.6 million) increased three percent. U.S. air travel to Mexico (8.0 million) was up 15 percent.

• Canada, 12.5 million travelers, up eight percent year-over-year. Air travel (3.6 million) was up seven percent.

Annual 2015 Market Shares

US travel to overseas locations accounted for 45 percent of total US outbound travel, about the same as in 2014.

o Europe, a 17 percent share;
o Caribbean, a 10 percent share;
o Asia, a seven percent share;
o Central America, a four percent share;
o Middle East, a three percent share;
o South America, a three percent share;
o Oceania, a one percent share, and
o Africa, almost a one percent share

North American markets received 55 percent of all US international outbound travel.

o US travel to Mexico a 38 percent share; and
o Canada, a 17 percent share.