More details emerge about Americans hurt in Brussels terror attacks


BRUSSELS, Belgium – More details have emerged about the Americans hurt in the bomb blasts that killed 31 and wounded more than 200 people today.

An US air force officer, his wife and four children were injured in the attack at the Brussels airport, US officials said. European Command officials would not release details of the injuries to the Air Force officer or his family, due to privacy concerns, but officials confirmed the officer was a lieutenant colonel, and that he and his family were injured at the attacks in the airport.

This comes as US authorities are set to bolster security at American airports and other transit hubs in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Brussels, despite officials saying they do not have credible intelligence about terrorism in the United States.

The Transportation Security Administration will send additional personnel and security measures “to major city airports in the United States, and at various rail and transit stations around the country”, announced Jeh Johnson, the US secretary of homeland security, who called it a “precautionary measure” rather than a response to a specific threat.

Johnson said his department, tasked with preventing or mitigating domestic terrorism, will monitor attempts by what he called “individuals of suspicion” to travel from Belgium to the US.