Belgian Prime Minister: We are determined to defend our freedom


BRUSSELS, Belgium – Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel spoke at a press conference in Brussels, in both French and Flemmish:

Michel announced that there will be three days of national mourning.

Belgium wants to return to a normal life as soon as possible, he said.

Liberty has been struck at its heart, as it was in Paris recently, and was in in London and Madrid in the recent past, Michel said.

“It is a common fight, it is a fight without borders,” Michel said. Belgium is very mobilised to succeed in the face of this tragic event, which has struck us in our hearts.

“We are determined to defend our freedom,” Michel said will tears in his eyes.

The Belgian federal prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw has also spoken at the press conference and has given details of the attack:

There were several terrorist attacks this morning: two explosions in Zaventem and one in Malbeck, which killed and wounded many.

Two of the three men in the CCTV photo “very likely committed a suicide attack.’ The third man is being actively sought by Belgian security forces.

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack through its media wing, but it is still too early to make a direct connection with the Paris attacks in November, Van Leeuw said. But this has not yet been formally verified.

There are several raids under way across the country.

Witnesses are currently being questioned and more witnesses are being sought.

Several explosions were heard at the airport, but these were controlled detonations by security forces and there may yet be more controlled detonations of suspect packages.

And with that, Van Leeuw declined to give any further information so as not to impede the ongoing investigations