US Travel reacts to Brussels terror attacks


WASHINGTON, DC – US Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow issued the following statement:

“America’s travel community is outraged and saddened by the despicable terror acts in Belgium, and we condemn those who wish nothing more than to make us all fearful of going about our daily lives in peace.

“As with every other such horrific event, we must shortly turn to the lessons that are to be learned for our security policies, which should continue to evolve along with the volatile global threat environment. We urge U.S. leaders to continue to embrace policies that emphasize collecting information in the most sophisticated and innovative ways possible in order to advance our ability to prevent such attacks here in the U.S. and abroad.

“The fact that travel and transit nodes were the object of this violence naturally has our full attention. Those who would do harm to the Western world are a deranged minority and should be treated as such—our travel security policies should work to identify and separate them from the pool of legitimate travelers so that law enforcement can focus their full resources on bad actors and prosecute them as vigorously as possible.

“Words matter and move markets. It’s just not realistic to ban religions, order war crimes, and end international travel. Bombast and bluster are no substitutes for thoughtful leadership.”