Tourists and locals in Brussels: Stay indoors ! Hotline established


The world tourism and aviation industry is under attack this morning. Citizens and visitors in Brussels are asked by Belgium authorities to stay inside. The American Embassy echoes this asks U.S. citizens in Brussels to stay indoor. The U.K. Foreign Office is ready to assist British nationals in Brussels

Brussels is in a stage 4 emergency and is being shut down by authorities. The deadly attack happened in the morning hours during the busy rush-hour in this busy European metropole.

So far 13 people are confirmed dead at Brussels airport at the attack in the airport departure hall. A bomb exploded in the departure hall before airport security.

the airport is shut down and does not accept incoming flights and no airlines are leaving.

Experts say this was a coordinated terror attack in Brussels on the airport and the subway system. At least 10 are confirmed dead in the subway station.

Questions about family or friends who are at the airport? A special hotline was established by authorities: +32 -2-7537300

Brussels prosecutor confirmed the attack in Brussels was a suicide terror attack. Only the second time after World War Two this city is in lock down.