Vacation rentals: Wi-Fi and washer/dryer beat location, quality and price


ORLANDO, FL – According to a recent survey, Wi-Fi and a washer/dryer are now the most important vacation home rental features of today, beating out location, quality and price!

Where and What to Book?

So a traveler wants to book a vacation rental. The first two questions for a prospective guest to address are pretty simple:

1) Where and how to begin the process of booking a vacation rental.

2) The most important features to consider when booking a vacation rental.

When a prospective guest sits down at their computer to begin making home rental decisions for their vacation, what things are most important to them, and how do they go about making those decisions?
Recently, the staff at Orlando vacation rental company decided to pose those questions in the form of an online survey to their guests. The results were both insightful and surprising.

Let’s cut to the chase:

1) Where and how do you to begin the process of booking a vacation rental?

• 63% of our respondents begin their search using a major search engine

• 43% of respondents will only book with a local management company

2) What are the most important features you consider when booking a vacation rental.

A. The overwhelming most valued amenity in the “Very Important” column was none other than Wi-Fi, at 67%. Yes, in-home internet access ranked even more important than “price,” which polled at just 28% in the same category. In short, the majority of leisure travelers demand to be connected while vacationing.

Whether it’s to check e-mail from the office, social media, find local entertainment and dining info, or for the kids to play their video games, you’d best make sure to have a reliable Wi-Fi system, and promote that to your guests.

B. The second most amenity selected as “Very Important” was a washer/dryer, coming in at 53%. Yes, people really want the ability to wash their clothes when traveling.