First in Reunion, now in Mozambique: Debris found from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370


Blaine Alan Gibson found a one-meter piece of debris on a beach in Mozambique. The piece of debris found in Mozambique may have come from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) confirmed to the British BBC that they had received the debris from Mozambique on Sunday and were “working with the Malaysian investigative team to analyze it.”

So far, the only debris confirmed by investigators to have been from the missing plane is a fragment of wing found on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion.

Another piece of debris found recently on the island is unlikely to have been from the missing plane, Australian investigators have said.

The location where the various pieces of debris have been found is consistent with models of ocean currents, which show where the sea might have carried wreckage from the suspected crash site.