US Travel reacts to Senate FAA markup


WASHINGTON, DC – US Travel Association Executive Vice President for Public Affairs Jonathan Grella issued the following statement on Senate Commerce Committee markup of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization:

“Kudos to the many senators who acknowledged the true state of the passenger aviation industry and traveler discontent. That said, the committee opted against an approach that scratches the underlying itch of diminished competition within the airline industry, and restores air service and choices for consumers.

“Adjusting the Passenger Facility Charge cap is long overdue, and the panel knows that. Yet they opted to nibble around the edges. In the spirit of March Madness, this markup was a layup when the team needed a three.

“The airline lobby puts on its conservative mask to scare Republicans away from the PFC, wrongly calling it a tax hike, and deriding long-overdue accountability as ‘regulation.’ It appears that consumers will continue to pay the price for the foreseeable future.”