Unclear if Belgium will be put on highest terror alert after today’s deadly incidents


A Belgium’s federal prosecutor is expected to hold a briefing about the anti-terror raids in the Forest suburb of Brussels. During an earlier news conference, Belgium Prime Minister Charles Michel did not say whether authorities would put Brussels on the highest terror alert following an anti-terror op.

At least one suspect is still at large after an anti-terror raid by Belgian and French police officers investigating November’s Paris attacks was met with heavy-weapon gunfire that left four police officers wounded.

A suspect in the French teror attack was found dead when police stormed a Brussels apartment at the centre of the raid, where suspects had opened fire on police.

A joint French and Belgian anti-terrorism squad investigating the Paris attacks that killed 130 people had arrived to search an apartment building in the quiet neighbourhood of Forest in the south-west of Brussels at about 2.30pm.

The police came under gunfire from “heavy weapons”. Three Belgian police officers were wounded in the initial shootout, with one in a serious condition after being hit in the ear and head according to Belgian media outlets. Another burst of gunfire reportedly took place around two hours later. Further gunfire was heard after 6pm. In total, four officers were wounded in the various shootouts.