Iran is planning to reset the clock on its civil aviation industry


The lifting of sanctions against Iran has sent a wave of opportunities for the global aviation industry, and companies are already lining up to make the most of one of the largest emerging markets since the fall of the Soviet Union.

On May 24-25, Istanbul will see overseas suppliers, MROs, and OEMs meet, network, and engage with Iranian airlines including Aseman Airlines, Atrak Air, Safiran Airlines, Kish Airlines, Iranian Naft Airlines, and more in a historic, first-of-its-kind event that will bridge the Iranian aviation sector to the international business community.

The Post-Sanctions Iran Commercial Aviation Spare Parts & Maintenance Congress will hold up a magnifying glass to Iran’s aviation sector, exposing the opportunities and limitations for suppliers and companies looking to work with Iranian airlines.

After close consultation with directors and senior decision-makers across key stakeholders in Iran and the MRO and OEM space globally, the event breaks down the challenge and will put companies in touch with experts and leaders in Iran’s aviation sector to offer them a competitive advantage in the market.

This will be the first event since Implementation Day that answers the supplier industry’s questions to help give companies a competitive advantage such as:

What are Iranian airline requirements and what do they need?
Export Control: What do the sanctions now mean and what is the best way to navigate the Iranian market?

How will be the terms and conditions of contracts be in Iran and how will that affect my business?

What can and can’t we do in Iran?

At this sanctions compliant event, attendees will scope of opportunity and meet with Managing Directors of leading Iranian Airlines for capitalising in Iran’s aviation sector and uncover the optimal routes to market.

London Business Conferences Group Ltd. (LBCG) has ten years of experience organising engineering and construction conferences across automotive, rail, oil and gas, manufacturing, innovative materials and construction.

Since July 2015, where the P5+1 members and Iran signed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCOPA), LBCG has been at the forefront of exposing the opportunities in the Iranian market after the lifting of sanctions.

In December 2015, the Post-Sanctions Iran International Business Conference in London was the first conference since Adoption Day to bring together overseas businesses looking to expand into the Iranian market. Delivering expert insight and due diligence preparation, the event spearheaded business preparation for over global 110 companies and laid the framework for doing business in Iran.