Lebanon: Continuous development in its tourism and travel industry


Amid persisting regional tension, the Levant, or Eastern Mediterranean, is portrayed as a witness to continuous development in its tourism and travel industry. In the specifics, Lebanon persists in its resilience and registered an incremental trend in figures of tourism spending, vat refunds and airport arrivals.

Lebanon’s hotel occupancy had a year-on-year increase during the months of January and February 2016, even though the average room rate was set to meet the market seasonal demand.

Beirut welcomed days ago a unique and live performance of the Disney award-winning movie, FROZEN, on the main Biel exhibition center stage that held thousands of parents who were so excited to share the beautiful experience with their children.

Mostly Shakespeare is one of many scheduled performances within the Al-Bustan International Festival of Music & the Performing Arts, having its grand finale on Sunday, March 20.

Aficionados of the destination, who usually go in depth of details, know very well about several options available for accommodation, that range from B&B homestays in Beirut and beyond, to luxurious, lavish properties ready to cater to all travelers.

Positive experiences are the mottos in Lebanon, where one can travel to meditate, attend social events, practice active sports, and visit natural wonders. Visitors can take unique pictures and “instagram” all over the country, and, of course, also go shopping for local jewelry and artisanal handmade items.

Week retreats and city breaks are often spent in exploring villages and trails, while tasting amazing local food and drinking Lebanese wine, beer or “arak.”

Lebanon tourism wants to be perfect for leisure attractions and its varied landscape and mild climate, besides the extreme richness of its cultural and historic patrimony.