Terror in Ankara: 34 dead and counting in Sunday night’s bomb attack


It’s a car bomb, and it happened in the heart of Ankara, Turkey, on Sunday night, and it killed many innocent visitors. This is the original report by Turkish journalists. Tweets and reports talk about many cars on fire and a bomb hat ripped through a bus in Ankara. Reports mention it happened close to a major shopping mall in Turkey’s capital.

According to an official statement received by the provincial governor at 2016 local time, the attack killed 34 and injured 125 so far.

Gunfire was heard after an explosion, while ambulances rushed to the area, officials said.

A video shows the explosion:

Smoke could be seen rising above the area from a distance 2.5 km away, a Reuters witness said. The blast occurred near the central Guven Park, which adjoins a major transportation hub.

Turkish authorities banned Twitter and Facebook after images of the incident spread on social media.

Turkey’s telecommunications authority, TIB, blocked access to social media after a court-ordered ban was imposed, Turkish NTV and CNN Turk reported.

Access to Facebook, Twitter, and a number of other sites has been blocked because images showing victims of the tragedy were being shared on those platforms, according to the court.

The explosion occurred less than a month after a car bomb attack in central Ankara that killed 29 people. Kurdish militants claimed responsibility for that attack.