International Women’s Day makes waves across the aviation world

The daily Brussels Airlines flight to New York this morning took off with an all female crew on board, cockpit and cabin alike, celebrating and honoring the International Women’s Day by demonstrating how far inroads into formerly all male professions women have made over the past few decades.

Passengers on board were reportedly thrilled and tweets upon tweets made rounds, including from the official Twitter handle of the airline.

In Rwanda RwandAir’s CEO Mr. John Mirenge paid glowing tribute to the ladies among the airline’s workforce by taking a group photograph with an all female crew operating a flight earlier today out of Kigali.

To further underscore the importance of female staff in the aviation industry and in particular among the pilot ranks, a second celebration took place at Kigali International Airport a short while ago.

Two all female crews, one from RwandAir and the other from an incoming Ethiopian Airlines flight, cut a ceremonial cake at the airport lounge, not only celebrating their own achievements, but also signaling the beginning of a much closer cooperation between the two airlines, which are said to be in the final stages of negotiating a major partnership deal.

Air Seychelles and Kenya Airways operate all female flights today too, as did reportedly numerous other airlines around the world.