San Diego Tourism seeks partners for ‘Happiness is Calling’ campaign


SAN DIEGO, CA – Coastal Limited, which specializes in brand development programs through its Coastal Brand Management division, has been contracted to explore and procure business development opportunities and licensing agreements for the San Diego Tourism Authority.

“This is a dream assignment,” said Paul Leonhardt, co-founder of the firm that has offices in La Jolla and New York City. “San Diego is a coveted travel destination for people from all over the world, but more importantly, it is a state of mind. We’ll be looking for opportunities that enable locals, tourists and hopefuls to proclaim the San Diego state of mind via licensed apparel, accessories, and products in all merchandise categories. This is an opportunity for San Diego to extend its enormous brand equity.”

Joe Terzi, president and CEO, San Diego Tourism Authority, said, “We’re aiming to build a lifestyle brand around the world’s affinity for the San Diego lifestyle. Coastal Limited’s track record on significant licensing deals for San Diego companies makes it the perfect partner for us. Partnering with Coastal will provide the San Diego Tourism Authority with new channels to market the San Diego brand, which in turn will benefit our city, our economy, and awareness for San Diego on a global level.”