In Hamburg discussing strategies for a better world


Seychelles founding President Sir James R. Mancham arrived in Hamburg on Saturday, March 5, 2016, to take part in the 9th World Future Council (WFC) Annual General Meeting on the theme of: “Identifying Policy Solutions for a world of growing disorder and interlinked crisis,” which is being held at the Scandic Imporio Hotel in Hamburg from March 5-7.

Sir James is among several councillors of this council now in Hamburg for the occasion. Among them is Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish, Founder of SEKEM Enterprise of Egypt; Monique Barbut, Executive Secretary United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD); Dipal Chandra Barua, Chairperson Bright Green Energy Foundation; Dr. Marie-Claire Cordonier-Segger, Senior Director Centre for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL); Nicholas Dunlop, Co-Founder and Secretary General Climate Parliament; Dr. Scilla Elworthy, Founder of Oxford Research Group and Founder Peace Direct; Prof. Dr Rafia Ghubash, President Arab Network for Women, Science and Technology; Prof. Dr. Alexander Likhotal, President Green Cross International; Dr Auma Obama, Director Sauti Kuu Foundation; Dr. Katiana Orluc, Fellow of Centre for European Studies at Harvard University; WFC Founding Councillor and Chair of Supervisory Board, Dr. Barbara Doll, Gynecologist and Vice Chair or Supervisory Board of WFC; Ambassador Frank Otto; Ambassador Farhad Vladi of Vladi Private Islands; Stefan Schurig, Director Climate-Energy Board WFC; Alexandra Wandel, Director and Vice-Chair of Management Board of WFC; Boping Chen, Director China office of WFC and of course Jakob von Uexkull, Founder and Chair of the management board of WFC.

Von Uexkull, a former member of the European Parliament is famous and well known in Europe and internationally as the founder of the Right Livelihood Award which runs parallel to the Nobel Peace Prize except that his award is given at the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm whereas the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded at the Norwegian Parliament in Oslo.

This conference has been called to develop the WFC as a strong voice for future generations and the councillors are meeting in working groups of expert commissions such as:

1) Climate and Energy
2) Regenerative Cities
3) Future Justice
4) Future Finance
5) Peace and Disarmament
6) Sustainable Ecosystems (Biodiversity, Forests, Oceans)
7) Food Security
8) Ending violence against women and girls
9) The rights of Children

In a statement to the press this morning Sir James said he was glad to be participating in this assembly to strategise a breakthrough to address the global challenges of our time and to further develop the WFC as a strong voice for future