Former Easyjet boss calls for Extraordinary General Meeting at Fastjet

Not satisfied with his feud with the current management at Easyjet, Haji-Ioannou has now taken his cantankerous nature to Fastjet, where he reportedly holds a 12 percent share package.

Not entirely out of the blue but surprising for its sudden venom, Haji-Ioannou has called for an Extraordinary General Meeting of the company where he will reportedly table several demands, among others, the dismissal of outgoing CEO, Ed Winter.

Winter announced a few weeks ago his resignation from the company but agreed to remain in office until a successor has been found and installed.

Haji-Ioannou also appears to have taken issue with management’s remuneration and the location of the company’s head office in London at Gatwick Airport. Fastjet PLC is a publicly-quoted company under UK law and operates affiliates in Tanzania and Zimbabwe with operations due to be launched this year, also in Zambia and Kenya.

Sources close to Fastjet played down the boardroom feud, pointing to considerable progress made in meeting business targets vis-a-vis passengers uplifted and revenues achieved in its African operations.

Haji-Ioannou’s notoriety and taste for trouble will no doubt be a major part of the consideration of other shareholders in the company, when they have to decide whom to side with – Haji-Ioannou or the other shareholders – no doubt remembering the multiple cases he brought against the current Easyjet management where he failed to stop expansion and strategic decisions taken.

No date could be confirmed yet for the EGM.