Poseidon Expeditions announces new cruises in Arctic and Antarctic


PROVIDENCE, RI – The lure of the polar environment draws travelers onto expedition ships to explore worlds of ice and snow, polar bears and penguins, and the history of heroic figures who began the first conversations about the Arctic and Antarctica.

One adventure cruise company dedicated to providing intimate access to both polar ice caps is Poseidon Expeditions, which today announced schedules and rates for the 2017 Arctic and 2017-18 Antarctic seasons aboard the 114-passenger luxury expedition ship Sea Spirit.

Poseidon Expeditions, a leading provider of polar adventures in the expedition cruise industry, also released information on early booking discounts, new itineraries and other passenger enhancements. Founded in 1999, this company is a recognized leader in icebreaker cruises to the North Pole, expanding its products and services in recent years to include expedition cruises to other areas of the Arctic and to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands/Malvinas.

The president of Poseidon Expeditions, Nikolay Saveliev, said, “Having now successfully completed our first 2015-16 season in both the Arctic and Antarctic – with great passenger experiences and satisfaction levels – we’re gratified to launch a third season of expedition voyages for those with the spirit of polar adventure in their hearts.”

Poseidon will again offer a wide range of Arctic cruises, including a first-ever voyage on June 15-29, 2017 that explores Iceland’s northern fjords and follows the Arctic Circle east to the Norwegian coast where a number of stops are planned before proceeding north to Bear Island and the Spitsbergen Archipelago. Passengers also will have the unique opportunity to cruise directly from Spitsbergen to Franz Josef Land in the Russian High Arctic on an August 14-29, 2017 expedition.

Following the last Arctic voyage to East Greenland in mid-September of 2017, the vessel will position to South America to commence a series of expedition cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands/Malvinas during the 2017-18 austral summer season. The new Antarctic season also will include the popular Antarctic Circle cruise, which travels below the most southerly of the earth’s five major circles of latitude, approximately 66º south.

Activities directed by a team of experienced polar guides and educators include Zodiac excursions, hiking and optional kayaking and camping, along with informative presentations aboard. The ship’s expedition staff-to-passenger ratio of 1:9 is one of the best in the business.

Built in 1991 as the Renaissance V, the ship sailed for a decade in Alaska and worldwide as the popular Spirit of Oceanus. She underwent technical improvements for polar cruising in 2010, and has been providing expedition cruises in both the Arctic and Antarctic environments as Sea Spirit the past six years. The ship will undergo major refurbishment of public spaces during a dry dock in Vigo, Spain, spring 2016.