Sri Lanka crowns new Ms. Tourism

SRI LANKA (eTN) – The elegant Vera Dijkstra, Ms. Netherlands, was crowned Ms. Tourism Sri Lanka International at a glittering ceremony.

After two weeks of traveling around the country, the 20 contestants presented themselves at the finals. From a shortlist of 8 contestants, which included Poland, Italy, Sri Lanka, Belgium, The Netherlands, Malaysia, Lithuania, and China, Ms. Netherlands was crowed, while Ms. Malasiya and Ms. Lithuania were runners up.

“Wow – this was the first thing that went through my mind. So surprised and extremely happy that I heard my name! The announcement of the winner – it felt unreal to me. What a great honor to be chosen in a country as amazing and wonderful as Sri Lanka. This moment I will remember forever,” Vera Dijkstra said.

She will now promote Sri Lanka to the world as a Sri Lanka Tourism Ambassador.

The organizers of the event said the idea behind the pageant was to bring the world to Sri Lanka and to take Sri Lanka to the world.