Putin did it: MH370 mystery solved with hint from chickens


It was the biggest blow to the Malaysian travel and tourism industry and to aviation. Who is the guilty one? Not Putin, but Kim Jong-un?

Although Wise’s “suspicion fell on Russia” back then, he still “had no idea” as to “why, exactly, would Putin want to steal a Malaysian passenger plane.” Though he hypothesized that “maybe he [Putin] wanted to demonstrate to the United States … that he could hurt the West and its allies anywhere in the world,” or that Russia’s leader could have been after “the secrets of one of the plane’s passengers,” or that he may, rather, have saved the plane so that it could “unexpectedly show up somewhere packed with explosives,” real clarity as to the exact motive behind the mystery still alluded the journalist-sleuth.

Not Putin, but Kim Jong-un

The missing Boeing might have been stolen by North Korea, a number of theorists have suggested. While some have linked the flight’s disappearance to South Korea’s claim that a Chinese passenger plane had nearly been taken down by a North Korean missile just three days ahead of MH370’s last recorded flight, others have theorized that the aircraft was hijacked, rather than shot down, at the order of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who was probably after the American technology it contained.

Tel Aviv stole the plane for Israeli-style 9/11

Another theory suggests that the Mossad was behind MH370’s disappearance, with its agents commandeering the Boeing for insidious purposes. Speculating on reports that two Iranian nationals had been traveling on the flight with forged passports, the blame-Israel camp think the plane has been hidden in a hangar in Tel Aviv, waiting for its time to serve as a bomb, like the planes on September 11 in New York. They further speculate that after the mass terror attack has been carried out, the two Iranian passengers will resurface, thus giving Israel a chance to pin the blame on Iran.

American military base in the Indian Ocean is involved

The US military has also been implicated in the MH370 tragedy, with claims that it is somehow linked to Washington’s military base on the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. Here, opinions are divided: some online researchers claim that the base was used to hide the passenger jet after it was hijacked by Americans, while others say the Malaysian plane was shot down by American fighter jets to prevent it from crashing onto the base after it was hacked.