Serious alternative to Airbnb hosts


In February, Airbnb hosts across Europe’s most popular cities like Berlin, Paris and London, received notice their properties would be taken offline for breaching company Hospitality Standards and Terms & Conditions. In an interview with the BBC, a long-time host in London called the delisting “insulting” as he had “uniformly positive reviews over three years.” Another had “14 of his 17 properties on Airbnb delisted with just two weeks’ notice.”

Observers have suggested that these “delistings may be Airbnb trying to get ahead of the game before regulatory restrictions come into force.” Hosts renting out properties that are not their permanent homes or with multiple listings stand to lose substantial income, and have been left confused and angered by the move.

nestpick CEO Fabian Dudek welcomes former Airbnb hosts, and notes that the company has already experienced a significant increase in the number of users looking for an alternative service. He notes that, “Just like those hosts, nestpick landlords are locals and they’re happy to do right by local regulations like the bestellerprinzip in Berlin and the ALUR in Paris. They offer properties that help keep housing easily accessible online, and meets the nonstop demand from tenants.”

nestpick has been providing a convenient platform for landlords to find committed tenants for almost two years. Since its inception, observers have drawn critical comparisons between Airbnb and nestpick, while the company itself has always treated its service as complementary – Airbnb introduces short-term guests to new communities, and nestpick makes it possible for those guests to move there on a more permanent basis.

nestpick also offers a number of added advantages to help hosts become landlords. Landlords can list as many properties as they want, receive free professional photos of their properties, and receive the Full Nest Guarantee, which promises to cover rent on verified properties if the company can’t find a next tenant before the current tenant moves out. Plus it offers the same online convenience of Airbnb – no in-person viewings.

nestpick COO Patricia Moubarak, who leads operational and supply strategy concludes that, “Since nestpick provides mid-to long-term rentals, our landlords get to enjoy the security of stable rental income with less stress over constantly coordinating new guests.”