US Congress continues too tighten up travel security


WASHINGTON, DC – “Congress continues to take the prudent approach to travel security programs: consistently assess them, and evolve even the effective ones to stay current with innovation and the shifting security landscape,” said Jonathan Grella, Executive VP for the US Travel Association (USTA), commenting on the US Congress passing the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) bill.

Following this initial statement on Congress’ passage of a measure adjusting the policies of the TSA bill, Grella added: “The adjustments to TSA PreCheck make abundant sense and enhance an already innovative and cutting-edge security instrument. Expanding PreCheck allows pre-screened, low-risk travelers access to expedited protocols, improving their travel experience; but more importantly, it enables TSA to focus security resources on the higher-risk pool of travelers.

“We thank Congress for its continued attention to policies that both improve security and facilitate travel – certainly not, as was once thought, a zero-sum choice.”