eTN awards Turkish Airlines for seat handle


eTN Publisher Juergen Thomas Steinmetz nominated Turkish Airlines for the Honest Travel Award.

Juergen recently flew on an Airbus A330-300 aircraft operated by Turkish Airlines, and came upon this unique item that made his trip from Istanbul to to Tbilisi, Georgia, so much more enjoyable. According to Steinmetz, it was the icing on the cake for an airline that has most likely the best service in the region anyway.

eTN awarded Turkish Airlines for having a simple device in the form of a handle on the back of each business-class seat that made the journey more comfortable. As Juergen settled into his seat, he noticed a leather handle nestled within the back portion of the frame of the seat in front of him.

The handle is there to use to lift yourself out of your own seat so you don’t have to grab onto the headrest of the seat in front of you and disturb that passenger. Also, you don’t have to strain and contort your back to stand up.

Steinmetz said: “I found this quite inventive. I had never seen this on any other aircraft before, and I’ve flown on a lot of airlines. It was such a relief for passengers like me (ahem… middle-aged) to have this clever “why didn’t someone think of this before?” device available to make my journey just a little bit easier.

And for this simple and innovative seat design addition, eTN is awarding national carrier Turkish Airlines the Honest Travel Award for coming up with a solution to a nagging problem when flying.

The eTN Honest Travel Award is not about rating how “luxurious” something is. It is more about how much something is appreciated or different. Anyone can nominate a hotel, destination, attraction, airline, a person, a cruise, or a restaurant based on a best moment or experience.