Japan Airlines unveils new international menus


TOKYO, Japan – Since January 2013, Japan Airlines (JAL) has been introducing premium in-flight meals with an aim to exceed customer expectations on its North America, Europe, Oceania and Southeast Asia routes under the meal service concept of “JAL BEDD SKY AUBERGE”- JAL’s exclusive restaurant in the sky.

To further enhance the airline’s in-flight service, JAL is announcing that Chef Jun Kurogi of “Kurogi,” one of the finest “washoku” restaurants in Tokyo, will be joining JAL’s dream team of star chefs from March 1, 2016, to bring his own fresh and unique touch to the JAL Business Class Japanese menu.

From the JAL KITCHEN GALLERY, JAL will provide new “AIR Soup Stock Tokyo” as the second meal in Premium Economy and Economy Class, marking the airline’s 19th installment of its popular AIR Series.
JAL also welcomes the arrival of Motohiro Okoshi as its new JAL Wine Advisor, and under his expertise, the airline will introduce an entirely new list of carefully-selected bottles.

Additionally, a new dinner menu will be provided in the Teppan Dining area in the JAL International First Class Lounge at Haneda Airport.
JAL will continue to provide a delicious and delightful dining experience in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere in JAL’s exclusive restaurant in the sky.

1. Business Class Menu created by Chef Jun Kurogi

JAL will be serving a new Japanese menu created in collaboration with Chef Jun Kurogi, who has worked in several restaurants including renowned Japanese restaurant “Kyo-Aji” and then opened his own restaurant “Kurogi” in 2010. Chef Kurogi pursues simply seasoned Japanese cuisine, which brings out the natural flavors of each ingredient. Please enjoy his refined Japanese cuisine aboard JAL flights.

On routes that will feature Chef Kurogi’s menus, all-new Japanese tableware collection will also be introduced to complement the menus and reflects the essence of Japanese culture.

Applicable Class: JAL Business Class

Effective Date: Starting March 1, 2016, on select routes and progressively expand onto additional route

Applicable Routes:

Starting March 1, 2016

Flights from JAPAN to New York (JFK), London (LHR), Singapore and Jakarta

Starting June 1, 2016

Flights from Tokyo (Narita) to Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), Frankfurt, Helsinki, Paris, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

Flights from Tokyo (Haneda) to Paris (CDG), Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok

Flights from Osaka (Kansai) to Los Angeles

Starting September 1, 2016

Flights from Tokyo (Narita) to Vancouver, Delhi and Moscow

Flights from Nagoya (Chubu) to Bangkok

Spring Menu (available from March 1 through May 31, 2016):


Specialty of “Kurogi” served Sesame Tofu


Hors d’oeuvre served in a traditional Bento (lunch box) decorated with Noshi (wrapping paper) and Mizuhiki (ceremonial string)

– Tuna & Oval Squid “Sashimi” Style
– Grilled Yam with Miso Sauce
– Sweet-vinegared Tomato
– Simmered Bamboo Shoots & Abalone
– Egg Roll & Simmered Prawn
– Jellyfish & “Shiitake” Mushroom with Sesame
– Japanese Smelt marinated in Sweet Vinegar Sauce Salted Duck


Enjoy both meat and fish served on one plate

– Roast Japanese Beef Fillet with Stir-fried Soy Flavored Onion
– Grilled Miso-marinated Salmon

Steamed Rice -“Yukigura Imazurimai”

Koshihikari, is a brand-rice cultivated in the snowy forested mountainous areas of Okuga region in Niigata Prefecture, where the temperature difference between night and day is large. After it is harvested, the rice with rice hulls is stored in a “Yukimuro”, a snow warehouse, creating a fresh, sticky, sweet taste. Carefully stored in snow, it maintains the same quality as new rice throughout the year. Please enjoy the freshly cooked rice onboard.

Miso Soup

A delicious Misoshiru prepared with Kyoto Kujo Negi (spring onion), sea lettuce from Shimanto River, Kochi Prefecture, and high quality Shinshu Miso. (to be served from early-March)


Bracken-starch Dumpling

2. The second collaboration with Soup Stock Tokyo in the popular AIR Series

The 19th installment of JAL’s popular AIR Series is AIR Soup Stock Tokyo, produced in collaboration with Soup Stock Tokyo. Following the first collaboration in April 2014, the second collaborative menu is tomato stew, arranged into an original JAL in-flight meal.

– Chicken and tomato stew
– Basil sauce pasta
– Old fashioned stone oven-baked bread
– Fruits


A tomato flavored stew with vegetables and chicken, rich in nutrition. Customers can add the short pasta with basil sauce to enjoy another taste, flavored with basil and cheese.

Applicable Routes:

Flights from Tokyo (Narita) to Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Vancouver, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Paris (CDG) and Sydney

Flights from Tokyo (Haneda) to London (LHR) and Paris (CDG)

Flights from Osaka (Kansai) to Los Angeles

Applicable Class: Premium Economy Class and Economy Class

Service Effective: March 1 ~ May 31, 2016

3. Carefully selected wines by JAL Wine Advisor Motohiro Okoshi
JAL welcomes Japan’s first wine taster Motohiro Okoshi as JAL Wine Advisor. We will be serving selected wines in International First Class and Business Class, Domestic First Class, and JAL international lounges (Tokyo’s Narita and Haneda).

. New Dinner Menu in Teppan Dining, Haneda International First Class Lounge

In JAL International First Class Lounge at Haneda Airport, in addition to a buffet style meal, JAL offers “freshly cooked meal” in our Teppan Dining area. “Teppan-yaki” is a meal prepared in front of the customers so that they can enjoy “live” cooking.

From March 1, 2016, a new dinner menu will be introduced in JAL First Class Lounge at Haneda Airport. It is “Teppan Yakiniku Uwamisuji* (grilled cuts of beef)” with vegetables and mushrooms, and customers can choose JAL Original Yakiniku Sauce or fresh, fragrant Ponzu Sauce for this new dish.

* Uwamisuji is the cut of beef, desirable with its tender texture.
Well-received Nigiri Sushi served in JAL International First Class Lounge at Tokyo (Narita) Airport will be kept with seasonal variety of ingredients made by professional Sushi chef on the spot.

JAL will be striving to provide customers with a relaxing time and comfortable space in its airport lounges.

Menu for “Teppan Dining” (from March 1, 2016)

Dining place: Dining area in JAL First Class Lounge at Haneda
Airport International Terminal

Service time:

Breakfast menu (7:00 ~ 11:30) “JAL Original Rye Galette”
Dinner menu (17:30 ~ 23:30) “Teppan Yakiniku Uwamisuji”

Nigiri Sushi Menu

Dining place: JAL First Class Lounge on the 3rd level, main building of Terminal 2 at Narita Airport

Service time: 7:00 ~ 12:30; 15:00 ~ 20:00