Healing celebrations for Songkran


BANGKOK, Thailand – SPA Cenvaree is a leading luxury spa brand, operated by Centara Hotels & Resorts, with over 33 spas in Thailand and overseas destinations in Indonesia, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Through traditional Thai therapies, the guiding philosophy of each spa is to take guests through a journey that enhances the balance of body, mind and soul.

As we approach the traditional Thai New Year in April, Songkran, it is important to start this New Year feeling calm and balanced. A distinct part of Songkran is the use of water to wash away misfortunate and to represent a fresh start for the New Year. The special SPA Cenvaree package for Songkran is representative of those rituals observed.

Let our spa therapist start by performing our Floral Foot Ritual, where guest’s feet are washed with water infused with Neem Tea, Neem and citrus salt, and flower petals. This ritual helps to wash away any negative energy and calm the mind.

Next, guests have the option between a Siam Body Scrub or Siam Clay Body Wrap. The Body Scrub, which is gentle in texture, is a combination of tamarind, lemongrass, lime, turmeric powder, yogurt, honey, and olive oil. The exfoliation benefits are powerful and the circular massage assists to improve skin texture and promote healthier, glowing skin. The Clay Body Wrap also assists in improving skin with a combination of Thai clay, turmeric, Aloe Vera gel, milk, yogurt, honey and olive oil. This mixture replenishes moisture in the skin, prevents sun damage, and helps to retain skin’s natural glow while brighten and tightening the skin complexion. After the scrub or mask, guests can rinse off in their private in-room shower.

Through traditional recipes and attention to the finest details, our spa therapists freshly prepare the body scrub and body wrap clay mixtures before each treatment. The fresh ingredients hold more healing and soothing powers than pre-made mixtures as well as allows for our therapists to infuse their nurturing touch for further enhancements.

This special package is finished with a Muscle Melter Massage with Herbal Compress. This treatment begins with the guest taking three deep breathes of the aromatic scent from the muscle ache relief body oil that helps to begin the relaxation process. With rosemary, grapefruit, lemon, basil and May Chang the oil helps to engage all senses. The therapist will then use their elbows and hands to carefully massage sore muscles and help release muscle tension. Mixed with the massage is the use of the herbal compress, which are heated to further assist to relax strained and sore muscles. The herbal compresses are gently rolled back and forth over the skin.

It is vital that our guests are made to feel comfortable and nurtured from the reception desk to the final ginger tea after treatment. Our spa therapist communicates with guests throughout the treatment to ensure appropriate pressure during massage, room temperature is suitable as well as heat of the herbal compress is comfortable. All of these details assist in creating the peaceful and rejuvenating environment needed to balance mind, body and soul.

Please enjoy the Songkran Thai Sabai package at any of our SPA Cenvaree locations in Thailand as well as at select Cense by SPA Cenvaree locations from March to April 2016. For spa reservations, please visit our website spacenvaree.com

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