World’s tallest man charming Seychelles with his warmth


Sultan Kösen, the world’s tallest man, was welcomed at the Seychelles International Airport by the Principal Secretary for Tourism, Anne Lafortune; Nicole St.Ange from Mason’s Travel; and Tupa’I Bruno Loyale who heads the Magic Circus of Samoa.

Seychelles welcomed him to its shores last Sunday morning. He will be part of the Magic Circus of Samoa.

Mr. Kösen, who hails from Turkey, stands at 8 foot 4 inches tall and also holds the Guinness World Record for the largest hands.

His growth has been caused by a condition called “pituitary gigantism,” which is the result of an over-production of growth hormones.

He will be part of the Magic Circus of Samoa which will open on February 19 instead of February 18. The opening has been rescheduled due to the heavy rains which have flooded the Freedom Square area where the circus will be until March 21.

Speaking to members of the local press at the airport, Mr. Loyale said it is a great pleasure to have the world’s tallest man joining the circus once again.

The first time that Mr. Kösen joined the circus was 3 years ago in Tahiti.

Mr. Loyale has described Mr. Kösen as the most charming and warm-hearted person on the face of the Earth.

Seychelles is a founding member of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) .