Douala International Airport closure

Douala International Airport will be closed from March 1-21 following a NOTAM issued by Cameroon’s aviation authorities. During these 3 weeks, Kenya Airways will halt their flights to Douala.

Kenya Airways currently flies 6 times a week to Douala, and 4 of these flights continue to the Cameroonian capital of Yaoundé. During the Douala airport closure, the flights to Yaoundé will continue directly, however, from Nairobi. The remaining 2 flights, which normally stopover in Bangui, will during the 3-week period terminate in the capital of the Central African Republic and return directly to Kenya.

Normal flight services as per the schedules published will resume from March 22 onwards, or once the NOTAM has been lifted.

It could not be ascertained what the nature of the repairs at Douala is, but ordinarily, when an airport is completely closed, major runway repairs and re-sealing is carried out.

Travelers booked to Douala during the first 3 weeks in March will be rebooked without added cost and should expect notification from Kenya Airways in due course.