Destination Uganda is safe for your vacation


The Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) assures visitors and tourists that the tourism facilities and establishments in Kampala and across Uganda are safe.

Media reports have sensationalized the ongoing political campaigns but the Government and the Police have assured the general public of safety and security. Currently presidential, parliamentary and local councils campaigns are going on peacefully and Ugandans will elect their leaders on Thursday.

Uganda Tourism Board emphasizes that tourist visitation and activity in Uganda over the past weeks has been at normal levels due to the prevailing peace nationwide. To ensure and maintain the safety for all tourists, the Tourism Police, which is a unit of the Uganda Police Force, maintains a presence all around the country. The 1200 strong tourism police, with the primary responsibility of serving the tourism sector, is the largest such force in the region.

UTB reassures visitors and tourists that all hotels and other tourism facilities in Kampala and around the country are safe and fully operational. You are welcome to enjoy your holiday in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.