New calls in Chile, Peru and Guatemala set for Crystal 2017 World Cruise


LOS ANGELES, CA – The world’s most awarded luxury cruise line continues to explore the world in new ways, calling in new locales, even for its 22nd annual World Cruise in 2017. Four new ports, to be precise, are part of Crystal Serenity’s “Southern Celebración” voyage (which sails in full, 94 days round-trip from Miami on January 10).

The marathon journey travels an intensive route through some of the most historically and culturally rich cities and ports in Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, the Caribbean and even Antarctica, offering travelers an ideal opportunity to explore the storied region thoroughly, calling the luxurious award-winning Crystal ship “home base” along the way.

“Whether one is venturing to a region for the first time or is seeking new ways to explore long-beloved destinations, there are always new places to see and new cultures to encounter,” says Crystal president and CEO Edie Rodriguez. “The 2017 World Cruise voyages offer guests the valuable opportunity to experience a diverse and holistic journey, with the varied history and traditions among the countries visited, while also fully engaging with the customs and beauty of South America as a region.”

Crystal’s maiden call destinations on the 2017 World Cruise are:

Santo Tomás de Castilla, Guatemala – Set along the Caribbean coastline between Honduras and Belize, this relatively remote spot boasts a down-to-earth atmosphere that will give travelers a glimpse of the authentic Guatemalan lifestyle, complete with rugged adventures, ancient UNESCO-listed Mayan ruins, and exotic foliage and wildlife at one’s fingertips. Among the ways to immerse oneself in the local culture are snorkeling, horseback riding on the beach and kayaking in the warm coastal waters.

Matarani, Peru – The small fishing port of Matarani is your gateway to one of the most stunning spots on the Peruvian map: Arequipa, the UNESCO-listed town surrounded by three volcanoes, each towering at heights of around 20,000 feet. An adventurous, architectural and intellectual hub, Arequipa boasts a pretty town center featuring brilliant white buildings made of volcanic stone called sillar, and famously draws thinkers and diplomats, along with climbers and adventurers to its iconic sites.

Iquique, Chile – Iquique’s mining history evokes a vibe reminiscent of the American Old-West, while restored Georgian and Victorian architecture, duty-free shopping, wide swaths of beach and a sea with terrific surfing and paragliding, balance the atmosphere with that of a classically welcoming Latin beach community.

Castro Island (Chiloé), Chile – Situated on the island of Chiloé, Castro is Chile’s third oldest city in continued existence. Castro’s history is tangible and resplendent UNESCO World Heritage Sites, its palafitos, or traditional wooden houses built on stilts, and renowned archaeological and contemporary art museums showcasing the island’s diverse and innovative culture.