Top 10 romantic things to do on couple’s holiday


WINDERMERE, England – Dining in a restaurant is the most popular romantic thing to do on holiday, latest research reveals.

The research, conducted by the holiday letting agency Lakelovers, revealed a landslide with 21.2% of their customers choosing dining at a restaurant as the most popular romantic activity to do whilst on a couple’s holiday.

So, when planning that special romantic getaway, researching the best local restaurant and securing a booking for that ‘candlelit table with a view’ is vital to avoid disappointment.

Food is the way to the heart certainly rings true, with a picnic coming in at fourth place with 10.3% of holidaymakers choosing this as their romantic holiday must-do.

“As a trusted and long established agency in our sector, providing accommodation to suit all tastes and pockets we are always keen to listen to our customer comments and truly understand what they want. The findings of the research highlights the broad range of holiday activities couples take part in on a romantic getaway,” said Paul Liddell, Lakelovers’ Managing Director.

Something that’s a little easier on the wallet, but still takes time and thought when planning a perfect romantic trip away is watching a sunset. This romantic activity came in as the second most popular receiving 15% of votes. Just make sure you know when and where the sun sets and head to a lake or sea to get great sunset reflections and secure that perfect and unforgettable romantic holiday moment.

Proving that it is spending love and not money on your Valentine that is important on a romantic holiday, 10% (fourth choice) of respondents said capturing memories in photos was how they’d spend time on their romantic holiday.

Also interestingly, three of the top five romantic holiday activities involved the outdoors, with sunsets, picnics and star gazing all proving popular choices.

More expensive and lavish gestures such as booking a spa treatment or shopping were lower down in the list of romantic holiday activities.

Top 10 romantic holiday activities for couples:

1. Dine at a restaurant 21.2%
2. Watch the sunset 15%
3. Go for a picnic 10.3%
4. Take photos 10%
5. Star gazing 7.5%
6. Watch a movie 7.5%
7. Take in some art 6.8%
8. Pamper yourselves in a spa 6.2%
9. Go shopping 6.2%
10. Play games 3.4%